Welcome to Driving Toward Death! We are a supernatural site set in the fictional town of Scylla Bay, Alaska, where the town sees very little sunlight during the winter months and the climate is consistently freezing. Rumor has it supernaturals run the town, but there also lurks a powerful enemy in the darkness.
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08/12 Crescent Lake, the lake just east of Scylla Bay, has had a startling number of people going missing nearby, including Alaskan state legislator, David Kelly. He was last spotted leaving his hotel on foot by another resident at the hotel and said he seemed to be following someone.
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Come on in! Here you can view our rules, plot, and other important site information. Please read all required posts before joining up!
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Everything about the different types of supernaturals can be found here.
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Application template found here. Post in the appropriate board for your character and let staff know when you're finished!
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All known citizens of Scylla Bay can be found here.
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We all know them, we all gotta do them. Post your claims here so they aren't snatched up by someone else!
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Dying for a particular ship? Need the peanut butter to your jelly? Or maybe just an annoying brother? Post your want ad here! Canons are also inside!
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Need to get in touch with someone? The quickest way to do so, apart from teleportation, is to use your cellphone! Inside are both texting and calling/video chatting boards.
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Send a good ol' hand-written letter here!
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Post your characters' Twitters, Instagrams, Tinder profiles, etc. here.
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Around Scylla Bay
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The town of Scylla Bay hosts a beautiful array of all types of buildings, both modern and vintage, and, while it isn't a huge, bustling city, Scylla Bay still has a few towering office buildings and apartment complexes. The center of town is undeniably the busiest, as it houses both business and recreational locations.
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Scylla Bay's housing is largely divided up into two districts: Caribou and Nanuk. Caribou District is where most of the upper crust and middle class live. Nanuk District is more so the poorer district. There are a few homes in the center of Scylla Bay, but they're incredibly expensive.
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The wilderness outside of Scylla Bay is stunning but harsh, with inches upon inches of snow most of the year. There are forests surrounding Scylla Bay, almost impenetrable the further you stray from the road, and there are also supposedly "monsters" that lurk out in the woods.
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Other In Character
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Any roleplaying outside of the Scylla Bay area can go here.
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Any roleplaying taking place in the past or present can be played out right here.
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Out Of Character
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If you want to play some games, you'll find them here! You will also find the absences board here as well.
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If you wish to expand upon your character, use this board! The trackers board is also located inside. You can use any sort of template you want here!
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Archived posts and applications will be found here.
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Want to affiliate with Driving Toward Death? Please follow the form inside, and we'll have your button up shortly after.
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If we haven't posted on your site, post here! Guest friendly.
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If we posted on your site first, post here to link back!
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