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 Hymn For The Soulless, vampire siblings
Maxim DovochenkoVampire • 46 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by Lani • She/her • EST • contact Discord
Max, Watchdog
age 487
pronouns He/him
Group/Faction Vampire Mafia
Occupation Criminal/Consiglieri
sexuality Pansexual
relationship Single
Partner na
face claim David Gandy
Okay, so just a little family history here, before we get into the actual want ads. There are a total of 4 'children,' all turned by a very old, very crazy vampire, aptly named 'The Mistress' at various points in time, in the past 500 years. There isn't much known about her, save that she was ancient, knowledgeable and sought the one thing that apparently evaded her over the years: love.

The sire was a bit obsessed about it, truth be told. All she wanted was to find someone to spend eternity with; a soul mate, a vampire's mate. She searched far and wide for one, and in the end, it's safe to say that she went mad with the wanting of it. So, in an attempt to finally find 'the one,' she started turning certain, select people who caught her eye. Hannibal was the first to be turned, then Maxim, then Airi, and finally Khait.

Each were turned for various reasons; for their strength, their cunning, their intelligence, their gentle nature. Sometimes, it's not even known what exactly caught the sire's eye and drew her to them, but in the end, they were all given the gift of immortality and urged to love her. Most of them didn't and it made the sire so very mad. When she got mad, she got vindictive, and her children bear the mental scars of her abuse.

In the end and with the help of Max's closest friend, Noelle, Max was able to kill their sire and set his siblings free. Each were gifted with a piece of her body and in an attempt to heal, they all headed to opposite ends of the world. They've stayed there, doing whatever they needed to in order to live in peace, until recently. They've converged on Scylla Bay for various reasons, but mostly because they've heard of a certain Watchdog who's second-in-command in a vampire mafia.

Hannibal was once a wealthy trader with a rather simple life. He made a living for himself and his family, using his caravans to cross the desert of Saudi Arabia and link his world with others. He didn't want for much and, when he could, he shared his wealth with those around him, making himself into a beloved part of his community.

It was this benevolence that attracted an ancient vampire to his part of the world. She came into his home in the guise of a lost, scared woman and basked in his good will, his good works. She saw someone pure of heart, who cared for those around him and tried to make their lives better. Men like this are rare, even today, and the vampire knew this.

Hannibal was the first human she tricked into being turned. She had always wanted to love someone as pure as him and, in her mind, by giving him the gift of eternal life, she was doing just that. He would learn to love her, to follow her, or he would die.

It's safe to say that Hannibal had every right to turn into a bitter, resentful vampire. For a time, maybe he was; he hated that she had stolen him from his life, from his family. When he escaped her and tried to return to them, they cast him out; calling him a monster, a demon. With no one, he had no choice but to remain by his mistress' side. For three years, he was in this hell; under his sire's thumb, hating every touch.

When Maxim came into the picture, Hannibal was glad for the reprieve. Their sire had a new toy to focus on and for a time, he considered escaping. When Max was sent away to be used and abused by one of her friends, however, those dreams were put on the back burner. He didn't know why, but they'd become brothers; two prisoners meeting each other's eyes and agreeing, yes, they will stand against the enemy together. Their bond is a strong one, given that they are both firstborns under their former mistress' little reign of terror.

When they killed her, Hannibal was gifted her heart by the rest of his 'siblings,' for being the first. He had it encased in gold and he keeps it close by at all times; a sign that she is truly dead and won't be coming for them soon. After her death, all four of his siblings split; each went to different corners of the earth and Hannibal chose the West. He considers New Orleans it his true home, now, and thinks of himself as the peacekeeper between his siblings; more so to make sure that his home remains intact, than to keep them from killing each other. Ending notes: okay, so I kind of want his name to be Hannibal, obviously, but his in depth back story is pretty open. Just keep it to the general idea that I have above. His age is pretty set and just for clarification; after he was turned, his 'mistress' took him to Russia, where she found Maxim. Bonding under fire, brothers in arms; they're probably closer with each other than any of the others, but they've never gone beyond that. FC-wise, I do prefer Idris Elba, but you can throw other ideas at me too; I'd just prefer a POC and someone who's older (35+).

Airi was the third addition to 'the mistress' ' party and added for her beauty. Found in Japan, she was one of the most sought after companion and dancer in history. Revered for her grace, it was said that her mere presence could put the darkest heart at ease. She was a chameleon, able to charm anyone and enter any situation with poise and confidence.

In all reality, Airi was only able to do this because she was an actress. Emotions are foreign concepts to her that she never understood. It was only through her ability to mirror what others felt, or sought others to feel around them, that she became the most famous companions of her time. She was very good at pandering to her audience, even if their 'silly feelings' made her want to roll her eyes.

She was a porcelain statue painted in white and jarring red and when the mistress first laid eyes on her, she was captivated. Under the guise of servicing Maxim, she lured Airi to her home and turned her. It's safe to say that, because of this 'betrayal,' she and Maxim have never gotten along. He was there when she was forced down onto the bed and bitten and she made sure their eyes were locked as she died. Even now, so many centuries later, she will be the one to antagonize him; pushing every button she could reach until he explodes, and laugh in the aftermath.

Out of all of her siblings, Airi is probably the most ruthless. After her initial shock and anger, she was the first to truly embrace her new life. While Hannibal and Maxim plotted against their maker, she tested her new power on the people around her and enjoyed having the upper hand. She probably would have done some very terrible things to the men who'd used her in the past, but Hannibal kept her in line. Even today, he's the only person she defers to.

She might not feel fear, but she knows a stronger adversary when she sees one.

When the siblings killed their mistress, Airi chose to take a handful of her hair. She wove it into a band and made it into a necklace, that she still wears to this day. It's unknown whether or not it's in defiance of her maker, or to remember the woman who'd given her the strength to be her own person.

As the others did, after their sire was dead, she chose to go to the north. It's said that she settled in Greenland, enjoying the cold; an icy terrain similar to her heart.

Ending note: unlike with Hannibal, you can change her name, but it must have a Japanese origin somewhere in there. She's hella old, so she'll have other aliases, but I imagine that she'd always stick to her roots. Her hardcore back story is up to the player (just keep the essence of the ad, please) and why she's in Scylla Bay is open as well. Maybe she's in town because she heard that Max is in the vampire mafia and wants in on it/to drive him crazy? Again, the reason is open. FC-wise, I have Maggie Q up here, but she can be changed; she just needs to have an Asian one.

Khait is the fourth and final addition. Once upon a time Khait went by a different name and was born into an influential, rather powerful family in Egypt. The Mistress chose her for her shrewd intelligence and the position of power she was in.

Set to marry a similarly powerful man twice her age, Khait longed for a way out; a way into the world so she could live her own life. The Mistress used this against her, drawing her into a world of freedom and adventure. She promised Khait the world, if only she defied her family by marrying someone who wouldn't chain her to a house and the children that came from their union.

Given that, at this point, Maxim had been sent away to service a friend of their sire's, that person would be Hannibal. Khait had readily agreed, mostly because Hannibal was one of the nicest men she'd ever met and she stole away in the night to elope.

Rather than getting a marriage under the stars and the beginning of an adventure, however, she was forcibly turned. Airi was present when she was reborn as a vampire and surprisingly enough, Airi became something of a tutor for her. She wanted to be as strong as Airi was, but tempered with Hannibal's big heart. When Maxim came back and found the young Khait, unsure and terrified of their sire, it was the last straw.

Max would claim otherwise, but the reason he moved against The Mistress was because of Khait. And while Hannibal is his brother, Khait is his favorite sibling and is something of a daughter to him.

When The Mistress was killed, Maxim gifted Khait with a rib bone, which he sculpted into a leather bracelet, to show her how strong she could be. In the end, she's come to Scylla Bay to reunite with her siblings, even if it is briefly. She never stays in one spot for too long.

End Notes: the specifics of her back story is completely open to interpretation and she doesn't have to be from Egypt. Just keep the overall connection with her siblings as mapped out in the ad. Her FC is also pretty open, just pass it by me first!

Jul 11 2018, 09:49 PM
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