Welcome to Driving Toward Death! We are a supernatural site set in the fictional town of Scylla Bay, Alaska, where the town sees very little sunlight during the winter months and the climate is consistently freezing. Rumor has it supernaturals run the town, but there also lurks a powerful enemy in the darkness.
This skin was coded by Laura exclusively for Driving Toward Death and should not be replicated in any way. Mini profile was also coded by Laura, and again, should not be replicated in any way. Pop out script is credited to Black at code, custom usermenu is credited to argents at wecode, the code script is credited to nicole, and the toggle cbox is credited to kismet! Skin purchased by Dusk.


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Member List
Name Level Group Joined Posts Photo
Ackley Cote Werewolf 22-April 18 28
Ada Jager Werewolf 21-February 18 21
Adam Wessex Members Today at 11:09 am 1
Adeline Beaumont Members 7-March 18 1
Aelin Castillo Inactive 1-April 18 8
Aerith Louvell Witch 27-March 18 35
Alcide D'orléans Witch 17-June 18 15
Aldrich Jager Werewolf 8-March 18 35
Alexandra Bennett Werewolf 24-April 18 8
Alexis Cooke Vampire 7-June 18 63
Alice Everdeen Members 12-March 18 4
Alistair Wildman Members 4-July 18 1
Alonso Harp Members 9-July 18 1
Alue Isabelle Nightshade Members 22-April 18 1
Andrew Black Harpy 5-July 18 11
Andromeda Zayas Werewolf 3-March 18 56
Angelice Valencia Members 3-May 18 0
Antonio Caelius Harpy 3-June 18 8
Artemis Zamolodchikova Merfolk 18-June 18 15
Aston Gamal Inactive 24-February 18 14
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skinned exclusively for DTD by laura