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08/12 Crescent Lake, the lake just east of Scylla Bay, has had a startling number of people going missing nearby, including Alaskan state legislator, David Kelly. He was last spotted leaving his hotel on foot by another resident at the hotel and said he seemed to be following someone.
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 Let Me Be Your Shelter, Older Brother!
Benjamin WilderWitch • 6 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by Nova • She/Her • CST • contact Discord or PM
age 22
pronouns He/Him
Group/Faction Personal
Occupation Web Designer
sexuality Bisexual
relationship Single
Partner ---
face claim Darin Blaine Wilkens
Samuel Wilder
ben's older brother
You were never as close to your mom as Ben was, especially after the divorce. Even if your father was the one who did wrong, you still would have rather lived with him than with her. She may have been able to draw Ben into her smothering clutches, but you resisted every step of the way. Your relationship with her grew tense, and as soon as you had the money saved up at twenty years old, you were out of there.

As much as you loved and cared about your brother, you had to cut ties to everyone in that household if you were ever going to get out of there for good. Now that you’ve had some time to think, you want to find your kid brother again and explain yourself and make things right.

Hey everyone, this is a want ad for Ben's older brother, Sam! He’s twenty-four years old and very abruptly left home about four years ago. Where he went and his ultimate motive/breaking point are up to you! His childhood home is located near San Francisco, California. His species can be human or witch (type is up to you), or possibly a werewolf or vampire. The last two would have to be within the last four years. His face claim is Aaron Bernards, and while I can be flexible with this, I’ll also be extremely picky!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this ad with me, I'm reachable on Discord (Nova #9547) or you can send me a private message on-site! Thanks in advance!

Jul 8 2018, 09:16 PM
Andrew BlackHarpy • 19 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by Chris • He/Him • CST • contact Discord/PM
age 22
pronouns He/Him
Group/Faction Black Flock
Occupation Student & Drag Queen
sexuality Gay
relationship Single
Partner N/A
face claim Adore Delano
Yes, hi, hello. Pick me!
Jul 16 2018, 09:40 PM
CielAdmin • 256 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by Ciel • She/her • EST • contact PM/Discord
#1 Admin
age 23
pronouns She/her
Group/Faction the breakfast club
Occupation definitely not kylo ren
sexuality Nuggetsexual
relationship married to nuggets
face claim me myself and i
archived goodnight sweet prince ! ? !
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Jul 21 2018, 12:23 AM
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