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08/12 Crescent Lake, the lake just east of Scylla Bay, has had a startling number of people going missing nearby, including Alaskan state legislator, David Kelly. He was last spotted leaving his hotel on foot by another resident at the hotel and said he seemed to be following someone.
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 Everest Callum O'donell, vampire | cillian murphy | 211
Everest O'donnellVampire • 3 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by ranger • she,her,hers • est • contact discord
Ev, Ever, Rest, Evan
age 211
pronouns he, his. him
Group/Faction personal
Occupation criminal for hire
sexuality bisexual
relationship obsessed
Partner single
face claim cillian murphy
  • full name Everst Callum O'Donnell
  • nicknames Ev, Evan, Ever, Rest
  • age 211
  • occupation Criminal For Hire
  • gender male
  • orientation bisexual
  • membergroup vampire
  • faceclaim Cillian Murphy
  • content rating NC-17
"You've got the O'Donnell curse Everest. Just like your father, and his father before him. It ain't gunna lead ya no where lad, sept in the ground."

This was repeated to him like a montra to him by his mother.

"Ain't nothin good come from money anyhow."

Greed, though powerful wasn't what drove Everest into the life of crime. It was the adrenaline that fueled him. It was the rush, the high that kept him living.

The O'Donnell cruse that ran through his veins was well known through Ireland. Though, Everest likes to think that he fully the one that spread it like an infection. He took control of his town - of his home at the age of twenty seven. Though his father and grandfather had established the roots Everest had cleared the way and made people fear the name. That wasn't to say that he didn't have help. He had a eye on the inside- a high ranking official at that.

Malachi had been a man that he had grown up with, stolen liquor secret dates, promises of locked lips. Neither parents could handle the thought of gay children so the love affair was expertly hidden - something about it making the bond that much stronger. The bond withstood Malachi's transcendence into a vampire after a brutal attack, pushed Malachi into a dual life between being Everest's right hand man and a law official. As Ever took over town after town - Malachi rose in his rank. Silly world is it?

Though as Everest was on top - he took a long fall down. A heist went sideways real fast when Malachi and his partner were sent after him. It wasn't the first time that Malachi had been sent after him and well - Everest tended to have fun. Like a playful game of cat and mouse. That was until; he miscalculated and ended up being shot in the chest - piercing his lung.

From there - the next thing Malachi could remember was waking up next to Malachi with a taste for blood.

They left home after that - which still pains him today. He misses Ireland.

With leaving Ireland he left the mob life behind. Though he the lust for adrenaline never left him, he still caves it. Sometimes this is satisfied with a rough bought of sex - other times he seeks out alternatives such as street racing, arms dealing, driver for hire, anything just to satisfy that itch. Truth be told, its just as strong as his lust for blood now. Which - he has a particular taste.... Malachi's. Though he has to get his filling from others so he doesn't go into a blood rage... Nothing can compare to his.


Grew up in Ireland, was the leader of a mob from his twenties till his mid forties when he took a bullet from his lovers work partner. Given the fate of being turned or dying his lover turned him. Moving around a bit to wind up settling in Scylla Bay. He can't live life without the rush of adrenaline so he has been a 'criminal for hire' of sorts since his 'retirement'. He has a unhealthy habit of getting addicted to the wrong things in life - he's co dependent with his lover, which has only gotten worse and worse after being turned into a vampire.


f you want to be friends with an irish, alcoholic, chain smoking, vampire blood drinking, shack of shit here's ya guy. He's fun to be around, though he can be a bit mean but it's just in his blood. He's a bit picky with his friends, he's just learned that traitors come in all races, shapes, and colors. He can be a bit off putting because of this, and won't talk much around many people.


He's been obsessed with his lover since he was young - but since he has been turned his obsession has caused him to do some strange things out of anger. He has cheated, and its not to say that wont happen again in the future - always up for some (limited but some) ideas.


This can be so many things - look at him the wrong way? I mean he is a pretty proud man - it wouldn't take much to upset him.


Like any irish man, Everest can be found in a bar with a glass of whiskey in his hand. It can vary between a gun and a guitar as well.
  • ooc name ranger
  • timezone est
  • contact discord
  • other characters quest emory
Jul 16 2018, 09:37 PM
CielAdmin • 256 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by Ciel • She/her • EST • contact PM/Discord
#1 Admin
age 23
pronouns She/her
Group/Faction the breakfast club
Occupation definitely not kylo ren
sexuality Nuggetsexual
relationship married to nuggets
face claim me myself and i
accepted welcome to DTD ! ? !
Welcome to Driving Toward Death! Your character has been accepted. Next step is an important one. You gotta do your claims, buddy. Its the rules: Once your claims are completed, be sure your shipper is ready, and get plotting.
Jul 17 2018, 12:13 PM
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