Welcome to Driving Toward Death! We are a supernatural site set in the fictional town of Scylla Bay, Alaska, where the town sees very little sunlight during the winter months and the climate is consistently freezing. Rumor has it supernaturals run the town, but there also lurks a powerful enemy in the darkness.
This skin was coded by Laura exclusively for Driving Toward Death and should not be replicated in any way. Mini profile was also coded by Laura, and again, should not be replicated in any way. Pop out script is credited to Black at code, custom usermenu is credited to argents at wecode, the code script is credited to nicole, and the toggle cbox is credited to kismet! Skin purchased by Dusk.


08/12 Crescent Lake, the lake just east of Scylla Bay, has had a startling number of people going missing nearby, including Alaskan state legislator, David Kelly. He was last spotted leaving his hotel on foot by another resident at the hotel and said he seemed to be following someone.
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1) First and foremost, be kind to your fellow roleplayers! This is a safe place for everyone. We will not tolerate hate speech toward any race, gender, sex, or orientation.
2) No god-moding or powerplaying, and no Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Staff reserve the right to pend an application if they feel that they are too Mary Sue-ish.
3) We are an intermediate site, meaning proper grammar and punctuation and spelling are imperative.
4) DTD is a 3-3-3 rated site, meaning we allow explicit gore, language, and sex. As such, you must be 18 or over to join.
5) Here at Driving Toward Death, we understand that real life takes priority over roleplaying, and because of this, we ask that our members post at least once a week. Activity checks will be held every three (3) months to clear out inactive characters and accounts; however, staff reserves the right to hold more if activity needs are not being met.

Inactive characters and accounts can be retrieved up to two (2) months after the activity check before you must re-apply for them. Simply DM a staff member on Discord saying you would like your application restored, or PM them on-site. Please be mindful, that once a character is archived, all claims are removed and are up for grabs once more; this includes faces and canons alike.

Members who have an ongoing absence thread before or during the activity check will be exempt on all affected characters.
6) We encourage the use of trigger warnings on potentially triggering material (such as extreme gore, drug use, etc.).
7) DTD utilizes a three-strike system, in which you are given three warnings to cease your offense or you will be asked to leave and/or banned. For manners extremely serious, staff reserve the right to ban without three strikes (though this will only be in very rare cases).
8) We have no word count; instead, we encourage members to match each others' post lengths. Of course, we all have off days.
9) We are a site that uses face claims, which means you can use actors, models, YouTube stars, and singers/band members. You must use a face claim and cannot use artwork, original or otherwise, instead. No celebrities under 18 may be used either, as we are a premium site.

Additionally, historical figures such as political figures, military personnel, etc. may not be used.
10) Face claim reservations are held for up to two (2) weeks before the reserve runs out, but you may extend the reservation for one (1) week afterward.

Registration & In-Character

1) Accounts should be registered in proper case (i.e. John Smith).
2) No duplicate first names are allowed. Alternate spellings ARE allowed (i.e. John vs. Jon). Duplicate last names are also allowed.
3) Please fill out your mini-profile and main profile.
4) You are allowed as many characters as you would like, but after five (5) characters, you must have ten (10) IC posts with each previous character. For example, if John Smith is your fifth character, you cannot make another character until John Smith has ten (10) IC posts. And so on and so forth. Complete characters whose previous character does not reach the post limit will be pended until the limit is reached.
5) Furthermore, pending applications will be handled either by PM on-site or DM on Discord (preferably Discord), and staff can pend an application for a few reasons:

a.) Character is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu
b.) Character does not adhere to the site's lore
c.) Character does not meet the criteria of a want ad or canon
d.) etc.

If you have issue with the reason(s) why your application was pended, you should discuss it civilly with the staff member in question. We are not above compromise and reason and try to be lenient on the apping process.
6) When your application is done, please either tag staff in the staffhelp channel in Discord OR tag the appropriate admin (Ciel for Magics, Nova for Morphs, and Jenna for Mortals) in a reply to your app thread!
7) Canons may be reserved for up to one (1) week from the date they are claimed. To claim a canon, you will find a form in the respective factions' thread and must respond to that thread with the form in order to reserve a canon.
8)After the creation of two (2) major canons - major canons being Supremes, Alphas, Oligarchs, Rexes, leaders of canon organizations, and future introductions - a player must have 25 in character posts, excluding communication threads, on both major canon accounts as well as permission from staff to proceed.
9) Due to the exclusive and important nature of canons, after two weeks of inactivity without a notice to staff or in the absence board, you forfeit the right to your canon position and it will potentially be opened again.
10) Accepted applications/characters may not be edited or altered without asking a staff member first. Please contact a staff member if you would like to make any changes.
11) Lastly: communicate! If you are uncomfortable with something in a thread, let your partner know. If you cannot make a post or reach their post length, let them know. Great roleplay starts with strong and healthy connections.


1) The main avatar (meaning the one that shows up to the right of your posts) is 250x400. If it is smaller than that, we will ask you to find a larger picture so that the site can stay nice and pretty.
2) Graphics in your mini-profile must be filled out before your application can be approved.
3) Please use the posting template we have provided. You will find it when you go to reply, right below the Align tag. However, you may use any template in the development forums, as long as they don't break the board.

Mature Topics

1) All we ask is that you keep your partners' sensitivities and comfort in mind when roleplaying mature topics. Do not hesitate to reach out to staff if your partner is not listening to your request and is making you uncomfortable.

Feb 19 2018, 08:27 PM
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