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08/12 Crescent Lake, the lake just east of Scylla Bay, has had a startling number of people going missing nearby, including Alaskan state legislator, David Kelly. He was last spotted leaving his hotel on foot by another resident at the hotel and said he seemed to be following someone.
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 Don't You Know You Got My Eyes, Midas' Son | 1,989 Years | Possible Heir
Han MidasVampire • 53 posts • currently Offline • message me • played by Ciel • She/her • EST • contact PM/Discord
age 2006
pronouns He/him
Group/Faction Himself
Occupation Mayor
sexuality Bisexual
relationship Single
Partner None
face claim Godfrey Gao


  • Han Icarus
  • 1,989 years old
  • freeloader/snake oil salesman
  • vampire
  • midas' son
  • jin akanishi


Meet Midas' son! Well, the only one he knows of! Midas probably definitely has others from before he was turned, but they'd be long dead by now.

So I'm sure you're wondering why Icarus isn't dead too. Well, actually, he was turned by daddy dearest! Yep, you read it right. When Icarus was about 25 years old, he became gravely ill, and people who became that ill so long ago rarely made it. Although Midas wasn't in Icarus' life very much, he still couldn't bear to see him die, so he did what any loving father would do! Turn him into a blood-sucking monster!

Shortly after, though, Midas fled the village they were in and proceeded to live life on his own, so Icarus was by himself with his new, scary power and foreign hunger.

Icarus was conflicted--he hated his father for leaving him alone with such a strange new curse, but Midas had also saved his life and given him immortality...

So basically Icarus pops up every couple of years in Midas' life, throwing himself on his couch and staying for a few months before finding somewhere else to roam. He has the same goofball attitude as Midas does, but he's FAR less responsible and mature than his father. He's survived mostly on his charm and young-ish looks alone--and his ability to sell glasses to a blind man basically.

Now Icarus is popping up again, but since his dad is now an important person--a mayor of a whole city--he wants a slice of the good life. He isn't there to replace Midas, but, in a surprising turn of events, he wants to learn--after 1,989 years--to be a leader like him.

So just to recap/TLDR: Icarus is goofy and a huge slacker, but he's a great salesman, one who could actually sell property in Florida (of which he has none of). He loves his father dearly, but Midas is meh about him at best because he was never with him much growing up and clearly dislikes Icarus' roamer lifestyle. However, if Icarus can manage to shape up, he could become the next Crown.

Icarus has had several aliases over the course of his life, but his birth name is Han Tae. His history after being turned by Midas is totally up to you (except that he pops up in Midas' life fairly often)! His personality extending beyond his charm and freeloading-ness is also up to you, too! His face claim is Jin Akanishi, and I'd rather it not be anyone else. Also, his name must remain Icarus, as well (because Midas and Icarus is adorable).

May 1 2018, 11:32 PM
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