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 'ta' Stands For Tired And Abused, Seeking Teachers' Aides for Cal Roderick
Callum RoderickWitch • 31 posts • currently Online • message me • played by Jooh • She/Her • CST • contact Discord: Joohlia#0303
age 39
pronouns He/Him
Group/Faction Akycha Coven
Occupation Chemical Engineering Professor
sexuality Bisexual/Heteroromantic
relationship Single
face claim Jeremy Renner

An exciting opportunity to get practical experience in the field of chemical engineering while pursuing your graduate or doctoral degree. You will be working under Scylla Bay University's own Dr. Callum Roderick, who has blazed new trails in catalysis and chemical explosives engineering.


  • Chemical Enginerring graduate or doctoral student at SBU
  • Willing to work long hours
  • Able to teach large classes
  • Willing to put up with a lot of bullshit


  • Teach classes - you're only supposed to teach a few, but Cal won't show up to teach his most of the time, so it's you or nothing.
  • Grade papers
  • Assist with research projects
  • Remind Cal not to do physical experiments in his office or home
  • Periodically steal Cal's credit card to buy him groceries
  • Also make sure his bills are paid while you're at it
  • Make sure he's eating and sleeping and generally try to keep him alive
  • You'll pretty much be a nanny for a full-grown man


  • Work on exciting and high-profile research projects
  • Meager wages
  • Get your name on some impressive research papers
  • When you take Cal's credit card, you can buy yourself shit and he'll never notice
  • Work with a boss that will offer you prescription drugs like it's a stick of gum
  • All of your bosses for the rest of your life will seem very reasonable in comparison

Some Faceclaim Suggestions


The All-Nighter
When Cal is on a three-day no-sleep work binge, this is the guy that manages to keep up and get their mentor's ramblings on paper. He's been working with Cal the longest, and learning to "speak Cal" is having a detrimental effect on his mental health.

The Enabler
This is the girl that scores uppers for Cal. No one likes it, but it's part of his creative process. She's from a rough background, and his recommendation is a big part of how she got into grad school. She often worries she's only here because of her drug connections.

The Scheduler
Highly organized, this is the woman that makes sure Cal gets where he needs to be somewhat on-time. She's ambitious, and her success depends on having a powerful mentor. She has a talent for getting Cal to do things without knowing he's being bossed around.

The Opportunist
Always the first to volunteer to do shitty personal work like grocery shopping, he's definitely dipping into the till. His intelligence let him coast through most of his education, which has left him cocky, unprofessional, and unambitious. He's more buddy-buddy with Cal than the others.

The Pusher
This is the TA that watches to see if Cal is going too far off the edge and is generally the only one willing to call him out on his bullshit. It's not unusual to hear them in shouting matches in Cal's office. He's also deaf and tends to turn his hearing aid off while Cal is ranting.

The Fixer
Her mentor has a habit of getting himself in hot water, whether with the law or the university. This is the fast-talking con woman that always manages to talk him out of trouble. She's a good liar, almost compulsive, and her personal life is a shit-show because of it.
May 13 2018, 07:51 PM
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